Develop new strategies and healthy boundaries

Discover ways to recognise your warning signs, and reprogramme your brain to respond in more positive ways.

Build your self-care checklist and schedule and start to rebuild your Self-Esteem

It's time to stop sacrificing your own health, wealth and happiness in order to gain validation and acceptance from others. YOU ARE WORTHY.

Discover your negative belief patterns

Work with me to uncover your most challenging people pleasing behaviours and discover the reasons behind them

Journal with me!

Let's uncover, discover and recover from those old toxic behaviour patterns that seem to benefit everyone

Learn about your own core values

Let's work out what's really important to YOU and your life. Then we can start the process of building your new boundaries and keep you on track

Create your self-care plan

we'll create a realistic and balanced self-care plan for you to stick to, and feel the benefits in every area of your life

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One time Payment

Access this course now and free yourself from the people pleasing trap

Take the first step today and shift your mindset from constant people pleasing behaviour that exhausts and overwhelms you.

Banish that distorted belief around your own worth and find your Mojo!

So what is this course REALLY worth?

Don't be fooled by the low price tag - this course is valued at £165 and I think you'll agree that the results you will achieve are worth ten times that again!

The real question is what will it cost you to not take action today? How many hours of stress, anxiety, overwhelm and begin stuck on the wrong track?

Being stuck in a lifetime of forever doing things you really don't want to do that drain your time and energy but unable to say no? How much does that cost?

Not on my watch! I have discounted this course right down to £49.50 to make sure that it's super affordable and accessible to as many people as possible.

Take the leap today, scroll back up to access this course immediately and finally free yourself from the people pleasing trap.